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We accept fee payments for consultations and representation in the following ways:

Pay Online

Click here to make fast, safe online payments with your credit card or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express). You will be redirected to our service provider’s payment gateway to fill out the payment form by entering your billing information and card information, and you will receive your receipt by email.

Pay by Mail

You can deliver your payment cashier’s checks, money orders, and personal checks to:


Moua & Swanson Law Office

609 S 10th St., Suite 120

Minneapolis, MN 55404

Pay in Person

Naturalization often signifies the end of a long journey for many immigrants, including the end of applying for a visa to enter the United States, extending one’s status, and/or being subject to U.S. immigration laws.  It also offers many benefits such as the ability to vote, qualify for public benefits, and obtain a U.S. passport.

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